Museums and expositions

There are several unique museums in the Salantai Regional Park. V. Intas has established an original boulder museum in Mosėdis. There is an exposition relating to the glacial period and about how boulders made their way to Lithuania in the old water mill and in the Bartuva River valley. About 50,000 boulders of varying sizes are on display in the town. Not far from Salantai is the mystical Orvidas farmstead and its exposition, attracting tourists in their thousands. Here stone sculptures in various combinations have immortalised Fransiscan Brother Gabriel's (Vilius Orvidas) own unique world view.
The timber sculpture by “Juzė from Palanga“ (Joeseph) invites passers-by to visit the social figure and writer Bishop M. Valančius' birthplace memorial museum in Nasrėnai.
The young nature-lover M. Ivanauskas has an interesting collection of plants and animals at his farmstead, something like a small zoo.

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