General information

Established: 1992
Area: 13,104 ha
Strict reserves occupy - 0,88%,
reserves - 56,1%,
recreational zones - 1,6%

The following zones have been established in Salantai Regional Park to protect its natural and cultural heritage values: 1 strict nature reserve, 3 landscape, 2 hydrographical, 1 geomorphological and 1 urban reserve(s)

The Minija strict nature reserve has been established to protect the natural complex along the Minija River loop near Vaitkiai village which is of special hydrographical and biotic community value.
The landscape reserves have been established to protect: Šaukliai - the landforms created by the melting forked-shaped glacier in the western part of the Žemaitija region during the last glacial period with typical north-south drumlins and erosional stream valleys, the unique Šaukliai and Kulaliai boulder fields with their typical plant communities, the habitats of the following protected plant species - Orchis macula, Huperzia selago, and the abundant Black Grouse population in this region; Minija - an impressive belt of the Minija erosional valley with its numerous spring gullies, the unique erosional lower section of the Mišupė River, the confluence of the Minija and Mišupė Rivers, a belt of the old valley with the current channel of the Minija River, the confluence of the Minija and Salantas Rivers, the natural Minija River valley slope forests of Oak, Hornbeam and numerous protected plant species populations (Lunaria rediviva, Allium ursinum, Corydalis cava), as well as the natural Minija River flood-plain grasslands with protected plant species' habitats (Orchis macula, Orchis militaris and Orchis morio, Sesleria caerulea) and the Martynaičiai, Dauginčiai, Vėlaičiai and Sauseriai castle mounds.
The hydrographical reserves have been established to protea: the Salantas River midsection - a belt of the Salantas River valley and the natural river channel; the Salantas River lower section - a belt of the Salantas River old valley and channel, and the confluence of the Blendžiava stream and the Salantas River.
The Erla geomorphological reserve has been established to protect the fluvioglacial Erla old river valley with the Igariai and Ėrienai boulder fields and Alkas castle mound.
The Salantai urban reserve has been established to protect the street network, town square plan and spatial composition.
There are four natural heritage objects in the Salantai Regional Park, the most important being the Šilalė Grindstone, Kulaliai Quarry, Šaukliai Boulder and Salantai Chestnut. There are 28 cultural heritage objects in the regional park, of these, 7 are cultural monuments.

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